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1 in 10 people will experience a seizure in their lifetime.

Over 2,344 people in the Australian Capital Territory currently live with a diagnoses of epilepsy. Hundreds more will receive their diagnosis this year. Interestingly this is more common than muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, parkinson’s and motor neurone disease combined!

The World Health Organisation (WHO) recognises epilepsy as one of the world’s most common serious brain disorders.

Epilepsy ACT brings hope to those living with or impacted by epilepsy throughout Canberra and the region. We provide psycho-social supports, education and training, and policy / advocacy work to ensure the voice of people with epilepsy is heard.

People we work with often describe the receiving of a diagnosis as being ‘thrown in the deep-end.’

More of our local children & adults were diagnosed this week. They join the one in 25 people who will receive a diagnosis during their lifetime.  We are the beacon of hope for these people, and you too can lend your light.

Ways to be involved

With your support we can be there for those Canberrans that need us, when they need us the most – we invite you to support us in anyway you can. Some ideas are below, visit our website at www.epilepsyact.org.au or contact us on (02) 6287 4555 and talk to our impact experts about your ideas!

Walk for Epilepsy

Make March Purple



In Memory